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Weekly competitions and leagues are arranged according to the days of the week. From Monday to Friday, different morning and evening leagues are arranged for the golf lovers. Here is a list of leagues with their specific days.


Days Morning Leagues Evening Leagues
Monday Mo Barry Ladies League
Tuesday Cortland seniors Course Closed

Men’s Member (open to all)

Wednesday Senior Cardiac League Course Closed

Phyllis Heim Ladies League

Twilight Men’s League

Thursday Ladies League (open to all) Open side after 5:30

American Legion League (open to all)

Friday Couples league


  • Mo Barry Ladies League is a friendly league for ladies of 18 years or above.
  • Cortland seniors’ league is for the seniors who are of 62 or above.
  • Men’s Member is for all the men who have the golf course membership.
  • Senior cardiac league is for the seniors who have some cardiac problems.
  • Phyllis Heim Ladies League is also for the ladies.
  • Twilight Men’s League is only for men.
  • Ladies League is another league for ladies.
  • American Legion League is also very unique in itself.
  • Couples league is for the married couples only.

All the leagues are open to the public. If you want to participate in any of the above leagues then call the clubhouse to do the rest for you.