Stone Hedge Golf Course: One Year After the Fire

Last January 11, 2015, a fire hit the Stone Hedge Golf Course, one of the prominent golf courses in the state. The news of the fire was first reported by golf gurus who said to happen sometime around 1-7 early in the morning. George Brown, owner of the golf course, assured that no one was hurt in the fire. He added that it’s a good thing the building was empty, and all his employees are safe.

Crew of the (MFD) Marshall Fire Department who checked the building after they put the fire out said that the fire was 90% caused by electrical wiring. The golf course was then immediately closed and was later examined by the company’s insurance.

Stone Hedge Golf Course has long reopened after that unfortunate event, and is already back to business. After the fire that happened last year, Stone Hedge Golf Course has managed to pick where they left off and is actually better than ever. They made the necessary changes to ensure that similar event will not happen again, or at least minimize the chances of it. The management took the necessary precaution to avoid further accident and to improve the overall aspects of the golf course.

Picturesque View

One year after the fire, Stone Hedge Golf Course has already learned their lesson and is now as good as new. They take pride of their picturesque golf course, a perfect place for golf tournaments. Everyone can enjoy the wide green grass of the course with small bodies of water scattered around the place. It is indeed a paradise, the perfect place to relax and to take a break from the busy life in the city.


Stone Hedge Golf Course is the perfect place to visit in order to practice and hone your skills in golf, for they hold golf tournaments from time to time. If you are looking for a place to enhance your game, then this is the ultimate place for you. Take part in the different golf tournaments and meet a lot of people who share the same passion towards playing golf as you do.

High Class Facilities

Do not let the unfortunate incident last year cloud your judgment about the Stone Hedge Golf Course facilities. The course is among those courses with excellent facilities. Their high class facilities include club house, bar & grill, practice facilities, and many more!

With everything that has happened, one thing is for sure though- Stone Hedge Golf Course is here to stay. They choose to stay to serve the people who believed in their services.

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