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Stone Hedge Golf Course: One Year After the Fire

Last January 11, 2015, a fire hit the Stone Hedge Golf Course, one of the prominent golf courses in the state. The news of the fire was first reported by golf gurus who said to happen sometime around 1-7 early in the morning. George Brown, owner of the golf course, assured that no one was hurt in the fire. He added that it’s a good thing the building was empty, and all his employees are safe. Crew of the (MFD) Marshall Fire Department who checked the building after they put the fire out said that the fire was 90% caused by ...
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Couples Challenge at Golf Stone Hedges

This February, couples will have the opportunity to celebrate love in a new, different way through playin' golf! Everyone is invited to participate in the Couples Challenge this coming February 12 to 14, 2016. This upcoming event will be held at the Golf Stone Hedges. We, here at Golf Stone Hedges, will make sure to give you the best Valentine’s Day of your lifetime as a couple. The Couples Challenge will entertain 50 couples. Each couple will compete to one another until they make it up to the finals and receive the secret prize.  Other guests will also be welcomed ...
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2016 Charity Golf Tournament at Golf Stone Hedges

It's the first month of 2016, and we are pleased to announce how we will welcome the year only here at Golf Stone Hedges. We are inviting you to our event, the 2016 Charity Golf Tournament. All proceeds from this charity event will go to the Lend-A-Hand Foundation. The Lend-A-Hand Foundation is a non-profit organization, which provides health care and hands-on learning to kids who lack parental support. It has provided support for hundreds of children since the organization was established. The 2016 Charity Golf Tournament at the Golf Stone Hedges will be held on the 30th to the 31st ...
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New York State Open

The tournament was first started with the name of Grossinger Open in the year 1976-77. Now the New York State Open is considered as one of the most prestigious golf championships in the United States. The championship has produced many great golf players like Joey Sindelar who won in the year of 1983. Also many touring professionals have become the part of the championship like George Burns, Bill Britton, P.J. Cowan, Tom McGinnis and Jim Thorpe. The tournament is open for both amateur and professional golf players to test their playing skills. You can contact the clubhouse to ask necessary ...
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