Home Facilities


Our Clubhouse is one of the best in the business having all the facilities for golf lovers and guests. For the golfers, there are locker rooms, shower area, drying facilities, Golf shop, Club Hire, Free parking and much more. Our lockers are very safe and offer good space to you to keep your belongings. Play golf without having any fear of losing your personal possessions. Our shower area is very clean and has all the required facilities including drying equipments. We have a well stocked Golf shop as well where you can buy different items required to play on the golf course like caps, gloves and others. Free parking is also included in the offerings to entertain the guests.

You can also inquire about any upcoming event or tournament from the clubhouse. If you want us to organize any special event then all you need to do is ask. The clubhouse is always ready to give you details and suggestions for organizing your event. What type of party you are going to plan, the number of guests invited and the food items which you are going to include in your event, give all the information to us and we will make your event happen. Complementary gifts are also included in the offering depending upon the guest list and the type of event.

Practice Facilities

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Bar & Grill

We also have a restaurant where golfers can relax after playing the course. The restaurant staff is very friendly and obedient. The menu includes hamburgers, sandwiches, soups, appetizers, salads, hot dogs and daily specials. The quality of food is up to the mark and you will surely enjoy the food and the service.

For different parties or events like birthdays, weddings and meetings, we have a complete menu for both lunch and dinner. You can also add up anything in our menu list according to your needs. There is a bar available too where you can enjoy variety of drinks and beers to make your event memorable.