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Meet the Board of Directors

Our board of directors are working efficiently and effectively to run the golf course in the best possible manner. There are 4 members in the panel which are listed below:

Cliff Bush

Cliff Bush is an MBA in the field of hotel management and is very passionate about golf. He has done some remarkable work to maintain the ratings of Stone Hedges Golf Course. He is fully dedicated to his work and responsibilities.

Colleen Hamilton

Colleen Hamilton is basically an MBA and a true golf lover. She is always ready to find those rural areas where a golf course can be built. She is also responsible to arrange and manage different golf leagues and tournaments.

Terry Walpole

Terry Walpole has got a masters degree in the field of event management. He is also a senior member of the board of directors. He gave the idea of arranging different special events in the golf course to get more revenue to run the organization in the best possible way.

Michael Collyer

Michael Collyer is one of the best members of the committee. He has contributed a lot for this golf course and takes keen interest in maintaining the standard of the clubhouse.